Our vision is to see the elimination of domestic & sexual violence in Papua New Guinea and equality of opportunity for women and girls.

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The Situation Right Now

The UN Women National Committee of Australia report states the statistics of violence against women in Papua New Guinea are:

58% of women
have experienced intimate partner violence

55% of women
have experienced sexual violence

These statistics are not comprehensive and as this report found, many women in many Pacific nations including PNG are not reporting violence. This report also highlights that in the Asia-Pacific region, “non-governmental, community focused and grassroots organisations are also critical to combating violence against women in local communities and driving meaningful change from the bottom up”.

Sport in Papua New Guinea is an important part of the national culture and Rugby League is the most popular sport. Other popular sports include most football codes (like Australian rules football, soccer and rugby union) cricket, volleyball, netball, basketball and softball. Olympic sports are also gaining popularity, including boxing and weightlifting. Sports clubs act as a safe place and sport is one of the ways both women and men can become strong, build personal confidence and become positive role models in their communities.

With Government funding stretched across a variety of sports, and limited funds available for sporting equipment at schools, there is an opportunity to support sports clubs, gyms and schools with new and used equipment to promote active inclusion in sport.

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The next 3 years for Grass Skirt Project

Our vision to see the expansion of all our initiatives will include additional Hevea Cup Carnival & Wellness Expos in multiple provinces around Papua New Guinea.

The Grass Skirt Project Gym-In-A-Box Community Centre pilot launched in Hanuababa, NCD in 2019. Further GIAB’s will follow Hevea Cup expansion into communities within Eastern Highlands, Morobe and East New Britain Provinces.

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“There is one universal truth applicable to all countries, cultures and communities: violence against women is never acceptable, ​never excusable, never tolerable.”
- Ban-Ki Moon, Former Secretary General of the United Nations

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