Empowering women, children ​& communities.

At Grass Skirt Project, we believe that sport can play a fundamental role in the elimination of gender-based violence; it is a language that transcends barriers and is a proven and powerful vehicle for social change.

Co-founded by Tahina and her best friend, research scientist Dr Sofia Bartlett, Grass Skirt Project is, at its heart, a story of how women working together can empower each other to achieve incredible things. Tahina and Sofia had a vision to combine gender-inclusive sporting programs with research activities to create gender equity, address family and sexual violence and build stronger, more resilient communities.

Led by a dynamic team of highly skilled and passionate individuals, Grass Skirt Project’s core leadership team is complemented by three extraordinary men, Alistair Stolz, Kila Mala and David Westley; all representative athletes turned lawyer, international master trainer and international rugby league coach.

We partner with local organisations to deliver training, education programs, and events to participating athletes in the community and also engage local ambassadors and support PNG sporting organisations through strategic partnerships which provides athletes pathways into high-performance sports, which further develop talent and create positive role models.

Grass Skirt Project has identified new opportunities to both refine and expand our programs by focusing on unique concepts that complement each other and run in tandem. In addition to our Hevea Cup Wellness Expo taking place from 5-7th March at the National Football Stadium. In 2019 we also completed a successful National Art Prize Competition aimed at addressing important social issues and fostering social cohesion by starting conversations through art and launched the Gym-in-a-box concept which enables easier access to health & wellness in villages.

Our Vision

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Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo
“Like sports, art in Papua New Guinea is a powerful way to deliver key messages that go beyond ​language, age, gender, race and religion, ​touching on one of our most diverse cultural offerings.”
- Ryan Pini, MBE, OL 4 x PNG Olympic Swimmer

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