about grass skirt project

Grass Skirt Project (GSP) pioneers social change in Papua New Guinea (PNG) by harnessing the unifying power of sports to address gender-based violence and promote equality. Established with the vision that every individual deserves to thrive, GSP aims to empower 1 million leaders by 2050, grounded in the values of Courage, Trust, Integrity, Innovation and Tenancity. Through our work, we challenge societal norms, empower communities, and foster a culture of respect and equality, making strides towards a more inclusive and equitable PNG.

what we do

empowering change through sport

The Grass Skirt Project (GSP) tackles severe gender inequality and violence against women and girls in Papua New Guinea (PNG) by uniting sport and gender justice. Our interventions, including the Gymbox and 10 Million Strong Leadership program, empower youth to challenge norms and embrace equity. We aim to achieve tangible outcomes, such as heighten gender justice awareness, improved health, and reduced gender-based violence. By engaging men and boys as allies, we foster a more inclusive and equitable PNG.

our mission

Empawa 1 million leaders by 2050 through sports, cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets in the community for a stronger and equitable PNG to be part of a winning team.

our vision

Every person in PNG has the right to belong, contribute and grow.

our values


the founder's story

Discover the driving force behind Grass Skirt Project and why it was founded by Tahina Booth.

meet our
operations team

Our team consists of a group of passionate & compassionate people that all resonate with the Grass Skirt Project values.

Managing Director & Founder

Tahina Booth

Tahina's leadership at GSP focuses on key programs like the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo, Gymbox, and the 10 Million Strong Leadership Program.

General Manager

Keesha Morikaei Booth

Keesha strategically overseas Business Development for Gymbox, 10 Million Strong and Hevea Cup in Papua New Guinea.

meet our
board members

We're actively seeking 2 board members, prioritising PNG person with expertise in GBV and business.


Donna Spethman

Donna Spethman is an experienced sports executive with 25+ years experience at a regional, national and international level.


Emma Minimbi

One of my objectives as a Pro Bono Consultant with Ashurst is to be an advocate in rural communities in Papua New Guinea working to eradicate Gender Based Violence.


Bronwyn Wright

Bronwyn has worked closely with the Grass Skirt Project for a number of years to advance their programs and enhance their profile.

meet our
advisory Members

GBV & Law Expert

Signe Dalsgaard

Signe brings knowledge of gender research, plus strategic and project management to the team.

Financial Expert

Robin Fleming

I was awarded the Companion of the Star of Melanesia in 2015 for services to banking in Papua New Guinea.


Dr. Sofia Bartlett

Sofia is the Co-Founder of Grass Skirt Project and a Non-Executive Director.

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Sir Brian Bell Foundation
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Budget Direct and the sanctuary
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Vu COnsulting
Thank you to our past and present Partners & Sponsors.