CASE STUDY: There is a KALANE in every community

Providing opportunity to PNG Young People wanting to make a difference in their community

In the narrative of Kalane, we witness the transformation of entrenched norms that breed violence, paving the way for a culture of equity and respect. Our focus is on engaging men, urging them to take ownership, and inspiring them to influence their peers positively.

Meet Kalane, a 19-year-old from Morata Settlement in Port Moresby, deeply ingrained in his church community and a revered leader. Not only is he a mentor and rugby coach, but he also captains the Kalane Warriors rugby league team. Kalane's journey began in 2020 when he reached out to GSP via email, expressing his desire to join our sports programs (Hevea Cup) but lacked the financial means to do so.

Presenting our Case Study of Kalane at the PNG Women's Lead Day 2 presentation in Port Moresby.

Over the years, Kalane's involvement intensified, marked by a profound dedication to his community's youth. He shared poignant tales of youngsters seeking solace in criminal gangs as a way to feel they could belong and contribute, yet he envisioned a different path for them—a path of active citizenship and community engagement, with sports serving as the catalyst for change.

Kalane on the second row, far left with his team Kalane Warriors.

Despite financial constraints, Kalane's determination never wavered. In 2023, faced with the upcoming Hevea Cup, he still lacked the necessary funds. However, his unwavering commitment led him to fundraise and assemble a men's and women's team from his settlement, paving the way for his participation at a reduced cost rate due to his unwavering commitment to compete since 2020. This symbolic gesture underscored Kalane's belief in inclusivity and his relentless pursuit of opportunities for all.Through initiatives like the Hevea Cup and Wellness Expo, we empower communities like Morata Settlement, equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to thrive through sports. By providing pathways to education and support, we aim to challenge prevailing mindsets and cultivate a sense of belonging, contribution, and growth among the youth.

For Kalane's teams, the Hevea Cup offered a clear purpose in the six months leading up to the tournament. It wasn't just a game for them; it symbolised hope for a better life, where roles were defined, goals were achievable, and individuals found purpose, connection, and growth, even among the unemployed and disenfranchised. For six months his teams woke up with purpose which is almost unfathomable when you have low employment rates and low educational attainment in PNG.

The Hevea Cup addresses the intersecting drivers of violence and not only champions gender equality in sports but also serves as a platform to address pressing issues such as family and sexual violence by utilising sports, leadership and public health access. By prioritising health and wellness education, we strive to raise public awareness and foster meaningful community engagement. Kalane's story epitomises the transformative power of sports in creating a more equitable and inclusive society in PNG. It offers the disenfranchised not only purpose but also the opportunity to make meaningful contributions while honing their talents and abilities through education, sports, and community involvement. Our research findings tell us that young people are hungry to learn and need clear pathways and eco-systems to support them.

Kalane's women team the "Black Pearls"

Our mission is to empower 1 million youth leaders by 2050, and we are confident that we can achieve this through strategic partnerships, empowering champions like Kalane to envision a brighter future for themselves and their community, and to become integral members of a successful team.

We will be releasing our impact report and data findings from 2019 to 2023, highlighting key findings and baseline data on gender perceptions an program outputs in PNG.

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