Grass Skirt Project features on ABC's That Pacific Sports Show

Grass Skirt Project in Papua New Guinea Tackles Gender-Based Violence Through Sports

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The Grass Skirt Project, an initiative leveraging sports to combat gender-based violence and promote gender equity in Papua New Guinea, has gained momentum under the leadership of its founder, Tahina Booth. This innovative program is making strides in educating PNG's youth, challenging societal norms, and fostering a culture of respect and equity.

Tahina Booth, the driving force behind the organisation, believes in the transformative power of sports. "Sports can be a catalyst for change," she states. "It brings people together, breaks barriers, and teaches important life skills."

The Grass Skirt Project's approach involves using sports, particularly rugby, as a platform to address critical issues like gender-based violence, discrimination, and inequality. By engaging young people in sports activities, the program not only promotes physical health but also provides a space for discussions around sensitive topics.

That Pacific Sports Show aired Wednesday 3 April, 2024. Available on ABC iView.

Booth emphasises the importance of community involvement. "We work closely with local leaders and educators to create sustainable change," she explains. "It's about empowering communities to challenge harmful traditions and embrace equality."

The impact of the Grass Skirt Project is evident in the communities it serves. Young participants, both boys and girls, are gaining confidence and leadership skills through sports. The program's holistic approach includes workshops on gender equality, health education, and leadership development.

To further highlight the initiative's impact, tune in to "That Pacific Sports Show" on ABC Australia every Wednesday at 6pm (PNG time) or 8pm (Fiji time). This program delves into the transformative work of the Grass Skirt Project and other sports initiatives in the Pacific region.

You can also watch the featured video about the Grass Skirt Project on ABC iview. This captivating footage captures the essence of the program and showcases its positive influence on the community.

The Grass Skirt Project stands as a testament to the potential of sports in driving social change. With Tahina Booth's vision and determination, this initiative is paving the way towards a more equitable and respectful society in Papua New Guinea.

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