The Funding Network Spotlights Managing Director's Successful Fundraising Efforts

We are thrilled to announce that our Managing Director and Founder, Tahina Booth, has been featured by The Funding Network for her remarkable fundraising achievements. In 2023, Tahina pitched and successfully raised $55,620 to support the delivery of our groundbreaking initiative, the 10 Million Strong Leadership Program (Pilot 1).

The 10 Million Strong Leadership Program is a pioneering endeavour designed to ignite students' passion for learning about gender equality and fostering active citizenship within their communities through sport-based programming. This innovative initiative utilizes interactive activities as a platform to introduce new concepts, empowering students to become empathetic leaders who comprehend the roots of their beliefs. Ultimately, the program aims to combat negative attitudes towards violence against women, marking a significant step forward in Papua New Guinea's social landscape.

Tailored specifically to suit the cultural nuances and societal dynamics of Papua New Guinea, the program represents a pioneering effort in the region. By fostering an environment of respect and safety, the 10 Million Strong Leadership Program empowers students to become catalysts for positive change within their communities.

We are excited to announce that we will soon be releasing our impact report for the program, developed in collaboration with GBV & Law expert Signe Dalsgaard from the University of PNG. This comprehensive report will shed light on the tangible outcomes and lasting impact generated by the 10 Million Strong Leadership Program, providing invaluable insights into its effectiveness and significance.

Stay tuned as we continue to make strides towards a more equitable and inclusive future. Watch this space for updates on our impactful initiatives and ongoing efforts to drive positive change within Papua New Guinea and beyond.

Tahina Booth, Managing Director pitching at the Funding Network event in Melbourne.

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